Money Tree In 10" Nursery Pot

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Money tree in 10” plastic grower’s pot. According to Feng Shui, Money Tree brings good luck and fortune 😁

  • Benefits:  Strong decor element.
  • Botanical name: Pachira Aquatica.
  • Light:  Medium to bright. No direct sun.
  • Pot: Plastic nursery pot with holes, no saucer.
  • Pot size:  10”
  • Approx. height of plant:   35” - 40”

Note: Shape and height of plants will vary.

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How self-watering works

Fill up the water reservoir. Your plant will drink as much water as it needs.

Test the soil when the reservoir is empty. If the soil is dry, refill the reservoir.

The reservoir provides enough water supply for 2 - 8 weeks, depending on planter size and plant type.

NOTE: Large plants require watering through the soil for the first 12 weeks of the growing-in phase before the reservoir can be used. Detailed instructions for each plant arrangement are provided.

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Chang

Plant arrived on time and it's beautiful! Thank you!

Dear Bridget,
Thank you for taking your time to write the review.
It means so much to know that you are happy with your plant and our service.
Enjoy this amazing plant and watch the leaves grow. Money Tree is very giving with new leaves when its happy :)

Bernadette Polsky
Beautiful Plants

I ordered three large plants and they are all beautiful and healthy. Juliette was great at communicating which plants would thrive in my apartment and provided thorough instructions on how to care for them so that they would continue to thrive.

Dear Bernadette,
Thank you for the great review and for choosing My City Plants.
I was happy to assist.
Enjoy your green family and reach out to us via our Contact page if you have any questions or concerns.

Money Tree In 10" Nursery Pot - My City Plants
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FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $250