Energy PRO Pressure 360° Sprayer

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    Finally, the tool that works at any angle!

    Whether you want a fine mist for your plants to provide some humidity and refreshment, or a steady stream for easy plant washing, now you get it all in one sprayer. 

    With a brass nozzle and a 360-degree spraying capability, this is one of the best pressure sprayers one can have. 

    No more twisting and turning, or leaf bending in order to spray your plants at the best angle to get the job done 😀

    Gear Up & Have Fun!

    • Simple and easy to use. Clean and nourished plants.
    • 360-degree spraying capability.
    • Comfortable, ergonomic design.
    • Tight and secure cap closure to avoid leaks and clogs.
    • Adjustable brass nozzle.
    • Sprays evenly and covers large surface areas.
    • Made by Crescent Garden, sturdy and high-quality plastic.
    • Volume: 0.58 gal
    • Dimensions: 5.5”× 13”
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    How self-watering works

    Fill up the water reservoir. Your plant will drink as much water as it needs.

    Test the soil when the reservoir is empty. If the soil is dry, refill the reservoir.

    The reservoir provides enough water supply for 2 - 8 weeks, depending on planter size and plant type.

    NOTE: Large plants require watering through the soil for the first 12 weeks of the growing-in phase before the reservoir can be used. Detailed instructions for each plant arrangement are provided.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Lovely efficient sprayer

    Once I understood the importance of the pump keeping the pressure on inside the container I was in business. Lovely spray makes my work so much easier and my plants are smiling.

    Dear Irene,
    Thank you for sharing your experience!
    We're delighted to know that the spray has not only simplified your care routine but also brought smiles to your plants.
    Green Cheers! ✨

    Michelle Smith
    Fun & Handy Tool

    This sprayer is worth every penny. It holds a considerable amount of water, and it makes cleaning/misting my plants fun. It shipped the same day that I ordered it, and it was delivered to my house in Delaware the very next day. I'm very pleased!

    Hello Michelle,
    Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot!
    We are so glad you enjoy using your sprayer and pleased with our service.
    May your plants grow happy and healthy!

    Energy PRO Pressure 360° Sprayer - My City Plants
    Energy PRO Pressure 360° Sprayer - My City Plants
    Energy PRO Pressure 360° Sprayer - My City Plants
    FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $250
    FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $250